From Paris with love

I came in New Zealand without knowing anybody here. Then I’ve met some people. You’ve made my trip wonderful. Thank you. All of you.

Commençons par la base : Pierre Bellange : merci de m’avoir inspirée pour la destination !

Elisabeth and Dennis – What to say. I was like a part of the family. Thanks for all your help. Our trips in Devonport, in the bush, even in Piha under the rain. For the best muesli ever (!). For your kindness.

Rhys & Rachel – Well. You’re special. I’ll never forget this first day of Helpx, on the carpark of Whangarei, when I saw you make me big signs from your car. My first experience couldn’t be as good ! Thanks for the parties, for all the people you made me meet, the « Desperate Housewives » night, the help for my darling Camry, the nice evening under the stars and the fishing on the boat. The list has no end. Thank you ! – Enjoy your trip in Bali Rach ;) –

Brownyn and Blair – My three days at your home became quickly ten. And it was hard to leave ! The paradise in the middle of nowhere, like you said. My « coffee break » in this huge pool just for me, the first time I’ve discovered the top of the hill with this amazing view, the seafood so fresh everyday, the barbecue with the Australian crew, the day of work with your neighbour, in the farm, with the sheeps. The best way to discover Russell.

Danielle – Thanks for this « Christmas day » in Kerikeri.

Paul & Maya – You gave me my first real dreaming job. I hope it was just the beginning. Thank you for that.

Helen & Gleen – Thanks for make me meet the most important and wonderful person in New Zealand : my darling Toyota Camry. – Congratulation again for the baby –

Suze – The gypsy lifestyle in the Caravan with the creek just next to my door was magic.

Brent & Jackie – What a wonderful idea to see the glow-worm caves ! It was unbelievable. Thanks both of you for my birthday. You can’t imagined how much surprised and happy I felt. Like at home.

Vanessa and Keith – Your tips about Rotorua made me discover the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen.

Cerise – Un bonheur de faire nos françaises après plus de deux mois sans râler ni critiquer personne !

Jos & Richard – Your travels’ stories reminded me that this trip is actually just the beginning. Thanks for that.

Maman – Pour ces quinze jours à trois cents à l’heure et ces vingt et uns muffins.

Jane – For this four stars helpx with the best surprise of my life, thank you. And for all your secrets spots as well.

Guillaume – On l’a fait bordel ! Suivant ?

Maria – For our first Helpx as a farmer couple. It was awesome. Really surprising and nice to meet you -a kiwi-farmer-pilot-host- !

Frances & Paul – We just felt like at our grand-parents’ home. It was great. Thanks for your yummy cooking Frances.

Nick & Tomoko – If we’ld have to remember one thing about this months in New Zealand, there wouldn’t be any hesitation. This first surf session with the dolphins and the sunset is unforgettable. Followed by a glass of wine next to the fireplace. Thanks for sharing your passion. The Catlins are heavenly.

Tammy & Tai – Well, this paragliding session was the most exciting few seconds in our trip !

Tim – What a stress, my first « almost interview » in english. Thanks for your tips and your way of thinking. You want it, you’ll get it.

Anja, Pancho, Abby, and all the Duncannon’s team – For sharing the pain ! Great to meet you guys. It’s easier when it’s hard for everybody. Uh…

Anne & Roy – It was great to eat in a gastronomic restaurant everyday. You made us feel so good. You have a dreaming life, you’ve inspired us, we’ll do what we have to do to continue to follow our dreams, like you’ve done. We felt like at home. Thanks for this night with Philippa and your family. Food, wine, great people and original music, what else ?

Caroline & Nil – Caroline, thanks for the scones. Nil, for the chocolate cake. ;)

David & Erik – Guys, it was great to be flatmates for a while. Hope to see you back in France soon !

Et le grand classique : Merci à mes parents pour m’aider à assurer l’after New Zealand.

It wasn’t like in my dreams but much better, thanks to you.

Five months, ten days, a lot of people from all parts of the world, news things every days. As well I’ld like to thanks all the people who has followed me on this blog. 10000 visits in 100 articles. Sweet as.


9 réflexions sur “From Paris with love

  1. Maria Cassin dit :

    On ne peut pas trouver les croissants comme ca ici a North Canterbury… I am glad you loved your trip, good luck with being back to reality. (le travail etc) Maria & Mark the pilot farmers

  2. Erik dit :

    Hello Marie! thanks for the dedication – if we ever flat again next time me and david will be a bit tidier I wish you the best of luck in finding work, I too am looking for work as I am definitly coming to france next year so time is ticking. Please wish Guillaume best of luck hopefully it goes well for you both!


  3. Anja dit :

    Thank u!! – Last night we went out in Blenheim. My friends from the new hostel and the Duncannon people. Would have been great to have u there too. Abi just left the last days to travel with Shaz and Connor stays longer because of work. Things can change so fast!!
    Maybe we can meet when I’m back would be awesome!
    Enjoy yourself! -Cheers Anja

  4. Jane dit :

    Hi Marie & Guillaume

    Thank you. Lovely to hear you’re both back home safely, and had a great time over here in NZ. I’m glad the surprise worked out well for both of you!!!

    I hope you both have managed to find work again and enjoy the rest of the summer.


  5. Nick dit :

    Hi Marie & Guillaume, stoked you loved the Catlins, all the best in life, hope too see you back to Curio Bay in the future.



  6. Jackie dit :

    Hi Marie. So good to hear from you and glad to know you have returned home safe and sound. We so much enjoyed having you stay and the post card you sent us from the South Island. Do hope your Mum had a great time too. Lots of Love to you and all the best

  7. Rach dit :

    Hey Marie! Many thanks for sending through the link to your blog – what an amazing record of your time in NZ – the photographs are amazing – you are truly talented! It was a shame that we didn’t get to see you again before you left. Hope all is well – keep in touch and I pray that our path will cross again one day. Rach.x.

  8. Frances De La Tour dit :

    Hello too,

    We are well but have been very busy as my mum who was 98 passed away on
    17/07/12 after two and a half months of being very unwell so I am exhausted!

    I often think of you when I see all of the creeper that has been pulled off.
    I wonder if you did an skiing in NZ?

    Paul and I had two weeks in Australia last month which was nice and visited
    Adelaide for my first time.

    Kind regards


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